Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Our Girl!

Meet our Girl, "Gertie", taking a well earned break after hiking the Bruneau Sand Dunes, definitely the most dog friendly country out there. Lots of amazing sandy dunes and hiking paths to run on. Gertie found the water too and got so excited she fell off the dock into the cold, swampy water. Dad had to rescue her as she did not know what hit her. We ended up having to keep Gertie on her leash most of the time as I forgot to tell Dad,(Mike)that she went into heat the day before we left. I just knew if I told him, he would cancel the whole trip. So, we fell asleep listening to the sounds of Coyote pups playing in the night. Boy did we keep her tight on her leash after that! We wouldn't want any coyote-doodles now would we?

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