Monday, January 24, 2011

6 Weeks old and we found out PUPPIES AND MUD, DON'T MIX......

Okay so I have to say, I'm bummed my camera battery died when I went to film the puppies all covered in mud. Seems puppies like mud puddles and had a hay-day romping in them. Here are the after photos of them all nestled in their kennels after a warm organic bubble bath. If only you all had seen them covered in mud, having a hoot-of-a-time. Below is Dickens, the muddiest little stinker.Little Dakota, sound asleep after a warm bath. Who knew warm baths put puppies to sleep.
ShyAnne was off at school on a field trip with me so she wasn't inolved with the whole muddy ordeal. What a good little girl she is hanging out in her kennel. She was a bit chilly coming in from outside.

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